Sina Merabian

Author and Illustrator


Big penguins find something strange in a greenhouse…
How to enchant a crocodile (or alligator?!)
Christmas decorations, fuzzy pets and a cup of hot chocolate is as good as it gets.
Nothing’s like saving up your pocket money to buy the best cupcakes in town and cozy up for winter.
Hobbit life (good time for a second breakfast)
Hobbit life (Tater thieves)
Hobbit life (Good simple times)
Hobbit life (a day out)
Hobbit life (what could go wrong?)
Hobbit life (Oh oh…)
Hobbit life (Tater King Award)
Did you know there are people out there who can hypnotize fish?
First time visiting an aquarium.
Vampire gardener and his ghost pack do magic.
Adventures are best when you have a robot that beeps when werewolves are near.
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